Uncle Henri and Auntie Aidzil

This is my auntie, CikZil, and her husband, Uncle Henri. They were back in KL from Amsterdam for Hari Raya 2000. Uncle Henri's favourite words..."Nadhira, go annoy CikZil" hehehehe! CikZil is my mother's younger sister. My mom likes to observe that my sister, Sara, wears a perpetual frown on her face like CikZil's. The last time they balik kampung KL was just before Sara was born in 1998.

This picture was taken in the garden behind my grandfather's house about two weeks after Hari Raya by my fabulous father using his Nikon F100 + SB-28 fill-flash + 85mm f/1.8 lens (he had just taken up photography as a hobby and still very much a novice). The picture was subsequently scanned in using his Epson Perfection 1200 SCSI flatbed scanner.